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General Rules & Instructions Post

OK it's a little weird coming back from a hiatus with a post like this - but hold your breath, I have some things to make a REAL post about. (Ps. do you guys like my new layout??)

layouts & profile codes

01. please credit. the very reason i'd like you to credit is simple - makes it easier for others to find my graphics.
02. comment! i am dying to know your opinion.
03. don't claim as your own please & don't use my layouts as bases. they aren't. unless stated.
04. feel free to change anything for yourself!


01. credit is NOT neccesary.
02. like my coloring? don't like the way i cropped an image? tell me what you think by leaving a comment.
03. however i don't ask for credit, i do ask you not to claim as your own.

textures & mood themes & fonts

01. crediting me is really nice. pleeeaaaase do! :)
02. as usual - i like to know your opinions!
03. in case of textures/fonts, it'd be great to provide me a link where you've used my work. i love seeing them being used!
04. yet again, don't claim as your own please.

how do i ...
...install my layout?

01. go to select journal style.
02. select a flexible squares theme.
03. plus option: make your ad placement between entries. ( or vertical if your layout does NOT have a sidebar. this won't show the ads. )
04. go to customize journal style.
05. now click on Custom CSS. make sure all the drop-down menus say NO.
06. paste in your code in the Custom Stylesheet box, and save.
07. OOPS! Something's wrong and doesn't look OK? Drop me a comment!

...install my profile code?

01. go to Edit Profile.
02. find the 'Bio' section.
03. paste in your code and save!
04. something's messed up? don't hesitate to ask me about it!

Commenting on this entry will be disabled. All your questions, inquiries should be posted HERE in the Help Post.